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Recruitment case study – Full stack developer and Head of IT, Fast growing ecommerce brand

The client is a fast growing online retailer of homeware headquartered in South East England near London

A newly created role

The Head of IT role was created in order to increase the level of in-house expertise surrounding ecommerce Rest API integrations and business process automations as well as improving the overall strength of IT systems, infrastructure and software developments.

Hiring strategy

Northstar Future group presented a detailed hiring strategy to the Managing Director, which included a carefully targeted search solution, in order to find a shortlist of the best local IT professionals for the role. We discussed the specific challenges faced by our client, the most important of which was finding someone local who could commute to work 5 days a week. It was important that the shortlist of candidates encompassed a mix of experience and willingness to work from the office, and that they’d fit well into the organisation’s culture.

Challenges faced due to the pandemic

The client faced significant challenges in finding a suitable candidate who could work from the office due to the current pandemic. Since the role required specialist knowledge in an area of IT with a massive skill shortage and candidates prefer remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic changing the dynamics of how people work , their internal searches did not yield a desirable outcome.


The client engaged 3 major recruiters who are industry leaders in IT recruitments. They launched multichannel advertising campagins and assigned dedicated consultants to work on this project. The role was in the market for about 6 months when we got in touch with the client to discuss our services. Our senior consultant analysed the job requirements in detail and assisted with rewriting job specification and advising on the skills, competencies and background that would be most suitable for this role

The results

Our final shortlist that we submitted to client included just 2 carefully screened and pre-qualified candidates saving them valuable time in the filteration of applicants.

Our aim is to free client’s time to focus on the most important aspects of hiring, such as making personal connections with candidates to create a more resilient workforce. Our digital hiring technology, AI sourcing and intelligent automations ensured any of the two candidates who attended the final interview would be offered the job

After 3 rounds of interviews, the directors were very happy with the appointment and commented that the candidate we sourced was exactly the right person for the role

Benefits to client

From engagement to interview, our sourcing and selection process only took 2 weeks of time. We outperformed 3 market leading recruiters that worked on this project for over 6 months. We also helped the client save atleast £2000-£8000 in fee through our negotiated rates.

agencies for recruitment

Agency fees can be particularly high in IT and professional recruitments due to the shortage of skills and difficulty in finding a suitable candidate. For experienced professional roles, the candidates are often not active on job boards or social media. The best candidates are passive talents working on contract or other full time positions. Identifying them, engaging and sourcing requires a long time but with the right set of tools and expertise, the average recruitment turnaround time could be reduced

Traditional recruiters use mainstream advertising and CV databases to attract and engage talents but this may not work for IT recruitments and experienced professional hires. Tech recruiters in particular must have specialist knowledge in various areas of IT in order to deploy the right sourcing strategy.

Northstar Future Group is headed by IT directors with over 7 years of experience in specialist areas of IT ranging from code to infrastructure. If your company is struggling to place IT, technical or professional talents to key areas of business, get in touch with us now on to discuss your requirements

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